coast to cathedral on the West Mendip Way
This event is run under an ARC permit

Recommended Kit

Teams are responsible for the safety of their runners and are reminded to take kit suitable for the weather conditions on the day, such as:
  • windproof whole body cover
  • map print here and compass
  • whistle
  • mobile phone

Which should all fit neatly into a small bum-bag that can be worn around the waist without much hassle. We suggest that relay teams make up one kit bag that can be passed between runners.

Relay Rules

The race is run as a 'hand-over' relay with teams passing a baton between a series of up to five runners.

Teams may only exchange their baton at the end of each leg.

Team runners must carry the baton supplied by the event. Whole route runners are not required to carry a baton.

Medical details

All runners are advised to carry details of next of kin and relevant medical details.